We joined forces with KRS Sales Development almost a year ago and overnight made what I consider to be very drastic changes in the way we run our business. The changes were hard, but with our faith in Randy Kunkel we jumped in. We changed the way we paid our salespeople. We changed the way our PPS (pick, pack and ship) is run and the hours they worked. We split our shift and our productivity went up dramatically. We now are a company that is based on growing people. Our vision is to grow the people in our own company, and grow salons and stylists. Knowing our value system set us on a course for continual growth and long term prosperity. Working with KRS Sales Development consultants is life changing.

Bobby Bird
RDA San Antonio, TX

KRS Sales Development provided the knowledge, experience, skills and passion to bring our distributor sales consultants to a whole new level. We are now truly salon business advisors who can help each salon grow to its potential. We now have the knowledge and tools to help the salons become stronger and more profitable. Passion runs high when critical business decisions need to be made, and the KRS consultants have the experience to manage those passions and push for the right decisions. They have introduced action plans and accountability so we know what to do and where we're going with our business.

Phyllis Schultz
State Huntsville, AL

KRS Sales Development has provided my company and my store with a clear, active, measurable system to grow my DSC's and in-store staff. Most importantly, my KRS Sales Development consultant has met with salon owners to help grow their business. Within the first six months we have two salons that have attended The Summit and three are using KRS Consulting!! We are no longer just selling products we are saving salons!!!

Carole Carolin
State Stillwater, OK

We've been with the KRS Sales Development team since December 1, 2007. Over the past twelve months we have been able to implement a new and more innovative and profitable direction in the way we conduct business. With over forty years of experience in this business, we now have formulas and focus on inventory management, restructuring of our sales staff, and more accountability to the total company's bottom line.

Just a few of the more outstanding benefits we have realized: the focus our DSCs now have on the benefits of signing salons up with manufacturer club memberships; the strategic analysis in successfully placing and selling through promotions; and ultimately, the confidence and professionalism the DSCs now have in their relationships with their salons and clients.

In our company, even though the industry was down in 2008, our bottom line reflected a 3.9% increase.

Bud Goellner, President
State Beauty Supply of St. Louis, Inc.
State Beauty Supply of Fenton