Randy Kunkel, co-founder of The Summit and founder of KRS Consulting Group, speaks about his latest venture into the beauty industry, KRS Sales Development.

KRS SD was created because he saw a need in distributors "to learn salon management to help save salons, and to help them grow and thrive!"

Kunkel started with State and RDA because they are 'independents'. The State and RDA stores are independently owned and operated. "Our purpose has always been to keep the independents alive and well," says Kunkel.

Independently owned businesses often lack the support that is inherent in a corporate environment. We provide the structure and the systems it takes to "grow the distributor with pure intention and a greater purpose by saving salons from closing," he continued.

Results are the proof! In the 19 stores we worked with in 2008 we have shown growth of $3.9 million. We also "improved the culture of each team by putting in performance standards," Kunkel added.

Finally, in 2008 with Kunkel and his team's help 3 DSCs wrote over $1 million in sales and 3 more wrote over $900,000.